Uniroyal Unites


It hasn’t been much fun lately.


The virus has scared us, politics has divided us, our lives have been thrown off their axis and not much seems normal.


But there are a few things that we can all unite around. Some aspects of life that are hard to argue with and that can bring us together and are worthy of our time and effort.


For example, in these tough times we’re all willing to help where and when we can. We especially want to help those who have been immobilized by COVID, either because they’re suffering from it or are elderly and nervous about contracting it.


We all want to support local businesses. They’re our friends, our neighbors and they help make our communities vibrant and interesting.


And we’re all craving some interaction with others. Zoom, texting and Instagram will only take you so far.


So let’s unite. By doing things that help each other, or make each other smile or are simple acts of kindness.


That’s what unites us. That what drives us. That’s what Uniroyal supports and we know you do, too.



Wash a neighbors car.

Perhaps they’re elderly and have been nervous to go to the car wash. Wash it for them. It’s fun. It’s nice. And it unites you with your neighbor.



Going food shopping?

Ask a mom if you can pick up some stuff for her at the store. She might not want to take her kids in there right now with all that’s going on. Do her the favor. It’s a great uniter.



Drive to the food bank or deliver some meals.

Those in need or who are too old to drive are also most susceptible to the virus. So see if they need a meal, contribute to your local food bank or help out at a soup kitchen. Let’s unite with those who need our help most right now.



Drive to a nearby point of interest.

You’ve lived there all your life but never really spent time at that Revolutionary War battlefield, or that incredible botanical garden. Now’s the chance. Hop in the car, wear your mask, drive to that site and spend some time outside all while social distancing of course.