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Uniroyal Giant Tire
There's an eight-story tire in Detroit, Michigan with our name on it
Not surprisingly, the Giant Uniroyal® Tire has been turning heads for half a century as one of the nation's most recognizable roadside icons.

The Uniroyal Giant Tire was originally a ferris wheel at the 1964 World's FairThe Giant Uniroyal® Tire was originally created as a Ferris wheel attraction at the 1964/1965 New York World's Fair. The wheel held 96 fairgoers and was powered by a 100-horsepower motor. More than two million people rode the Giant Tire Ferris wheel during the fair, including Jacqueline Kennedy and her children, John Jr. and Caroline.

After the 1965 World's Fair festivities ended, the Giant Tire was relocated to a Uniroyal Tire sales office in Allen Park, Michigan, and has towered alongside I-94 near the Metro Airport ever since. Over the decades it has become an important symbol of Uniroyal's century-plus heritage and a cultural icon for the city of Detroit known the world over.

In 1994, the Uniroyal Giant Tire was given a sleeker, modern lookIn 1994, the Giant Tire received a facelift to give it a sleeker, more modern look. Neon lighting and a new hubcap were added to the tire's body.

The current Uniroyal Giant Tire was completed in 1998In August of 1998, the Giant Tire was modified again -- this time to resemble a NailGard® tire. A giant nail was placed in the tire's tread to demonstrate the product's ability to seal 90% of tread punctures up to 3/16" in diameter.

In 2003, Uniroyal invested close to $1 million to renovate the Giant Tire as its contribution to Detroit's I-94 corridor revitalization effort. The renovation included structural repairs and an update to the exterior.

On May 20, 2015, Uniroyal celebrated the golden anniversary of the Giant TireOn May 20, 2015, Uniroyal celebrated the golden anniversary of the Giant Tire during an exclusive on-site event for the Automotive Press Association and other friends of Uniroyal. Guests were thrilled to tour the inside of the roadside icon that they had wondered about since childhood.

The deep affection of generations of Detroiters for the Giant Uniroyal Tire ensures that it will continue to welcome visitors and residents back to the Motor City for many years to come. Download a fact sheet on the renovation (pdf) or read more about the Giant Uniroyal® Tire (pdf).
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