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You'll need:

1.Your contact information

2.Your tire information (DOT codes located on your dealer registry card or your tires)

3.Your dealer information and sales receipt

Tire registration help

Make sure your tires are registered to receive direct notification in the event of a safety-related recall.

The US Tire Manufacturers Association now offers the ability to search their database to determine if your tires have been recalled. Uniroyal supports this program, which is available through the link below. You will need the Tire Information Number, or “DOT Code,” from the sidewall of each tire on your vehicle to search their database.

Find your DOT codes

When you bought your tires, your dealer may have given you a tire registry card. You can find your DOT codes on the card and use it to register by mail. If you don't have a registry card, the DOT codes can be found on your tires sidewall. (See image below.)
Finding your DOT number
(DOT is B6DO A83X 0316)


* Please note: The DOT code may be located on either the inside or outside sidewall of the tire. Multiple tires can have the same DOT code, or they may be different. Please check each tire.

Tire registration card