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DETROIT, – (May 20, 2015) – Uniroyal® Tires today marked the 50th anniversary of its famous giant tire landmark in Detroit by hosting the Automotive Press Association (APA) for an event alongside the Motor City’s gateway icon, the largest tire model ever built. More More

GREENVILLE, S.C. – (July 26, 2012) – BFGoodrich® and UNIROYAL® tires today announced a voluntary safety recall for approximately 841,000  BFGoodrich® Commercial T/A®  A/S and UNIROYAL® Laredo HD/H tires in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.  Two sizes of each tire are affected and they are typically found on commercial light trucks and full-sized heavy duty vans. Approximately 799,900 of these tires were sold in the U.S. More More

New CUV/SUV/Light Truck Tire Added to Uniroyal’s Value-Driven Portfolio
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (August 1, 2011) – Today Uniroyal® Tire launched the new Laredo® Cross Country Tour, the brand’s first tire engineered specifically for crossover vehicles (CUVs) as well as sports utility vehicles (SUVs) and light trucks operating in a range of weather conditions. More More

Dealers Win Dream Vacations in Uniroyal® Contest
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (December 15, 2010) – Uniroyal® Tire recently drew the winners of the very popular “Ticket to Travel” dealer contest, which took place earlier this year, during the months of July and August. The 9 dealers, who were chosen based on highest percentage of growth in Uniroyal tire purchases during the contest period, had their choice of an exciting getaway or a cash prize. More More

Uniroyal® Tire Announces Winner of National Design Challenge
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (December 14, 2010) – As soccer season ends, Uniroyal® Tire is celebrating another successful year of its grassroots program, which drives soccer ball donations through its dealers to youth soccer clubs across the U.S. The brand initiated the first-ever Soccer Ball Design Challenge to offer soccer fans and players the opportunity to become the official designer of the 2011 Uniroyal soccer ball. More More

Everything You Need to Know About the Secrets of Saving
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (November 29, 2010) – These days everyone appreciates being able to save money. It helps to strengthen a family’s financial stability, which is a key component to a well-managed household. Families often have many questions about how to save money, but don’t always know where to look. To help consumers solve the mystery, family financial expert Kim Danger has partnered with Uniroyal® Tire in the creation of a new e-book, “America’s Most Pressing Savings Questions.” More More

Frugal DIY Projects To Make Life Simpler
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (September 28, 2010) – Most consumers lead very busy lives. They are used to a world where convenience is a way of life. As saving money becomes more fashionable and necessary, so do ways to make it happen. To help with this, Kim Danger, nationally known savings expert and author of “Instant Bargains,” has collaborated with Uniroyal® Tire in the creation of a new e-book, “Do-it-Yourself Tips for a Simpler Life,” to show consumers time- and money-saving projects everyone can do. More More

Uniroyal® Tire Gets Soccer Players And Fans In The Game
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (September 21, 2010) – Dig out those cleats, pump up your ball and wash that jersey for the 2010 fall soccer season. For the 11th year, Uniroyal® Tire is proudly partnering with community soccer leagues and tire dealers across the country through the Uniroyal Soccer Program to encourage kids to get out on the field and play. And in addition to these efforts, Uniroyal is sponsoring an exciting new contest and giveaways to benefit youth soccer players, their families and fans. More More

Uniroyal® Offers Dealer Contest And Sweepstakes
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (August 2, 2010) – Uniroyal® recently launched the Ticket to Travel Dealer Contest and the New Tire Sweepstakes. Both run from July 1 to Aug. 31 and give dealers the opportunity to win a variety of prizes from a dream vacation to cash. More More

Uniroyal® Gets “Winter-Ready” with New Tire
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (July 26, 2010) – To help value-driven consumers prepare for the upcoming winter months, Uniroyal® is introducing a new winter tire. The Uniroyal Tiger Paw® Ice & Snow II launches Aug. 1, 2010, in 29 sizes. The tire, designed for a wide range of passenger cars from subcompact to full-size, provides both durability and reliability for driving in severe winter conditions at an affordable price. More More

Uniroyal® Extends Touring Line To Broaden Market Coverage
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (July 19, 2010) – To meet the needs of even more consumers in the ever-evolving passenger tire market, Uniroyal® is expanding its Tiger Paw® Touring line. Nineteen new T-rated sizes launched July 1, 2010, with five new H- and V-rated sizes to follow Sept. 1, 2010. The Tiger Paw Touring tire is the longest wearing Uniroyal passenger tire ever, making it one of the best values in the Uniroyal line. More More

Uniroyal® Tire Offers The Chance To Become The Next Soccer Ball Designer
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (June 28, 2010) – Building upon its successful local youth soccer program with leagues across the U.S., Uniroyal® Tire is kicking off the Uniroyal Soccer Ball Design Challenge, giving soccer players and fans the opportunity to show off their creativity. The winning design will be featured as the 2011 Uniroyal soccer ball and the designer will win the Uniroyal Soccer prize pack. More More

Helping Moms Become Automotive Champions
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (June 21, 2010) – For most moms, their automobile is an important part of their daily lives, getting them to the grocery store, soccer practice, their kids’ school and the many errands involved with being a parent. Looking for the best resource to be a savvy automotive consumer may not be top on their list. To help with this, Kim Danger, savings expert, mother of two and author of “Instant Bargains,” has collaborated with automotive expert Ricardo Rodriguez-Long and Uniroyal® Tire in the creation of a new e-book to help moms become empowered owners when it comes to their cars and tires. More More

Uniroyal® Launches Ultra-High Performance Tire
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (June 3, 2010) – The new ultra-high performance tire from Uniroyal®, the Tiger Paw® GTZ All Season, launches July 1, 2010. The tire is engineered to meet the ultra-high performance needs of drivers of sports cars and sedans in a range of weather conditions. More More

Uniroyal® Tire Keeps Rolling Out Giveaways
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (May 17, 2010) – Uniroyal® Tire is continuing its commitment to helping consumers save with two year long giveaways. The $100 Uniroyal Tire Gift Card Giveaway will award 12 monthly winners with a $100 Visa® gift card. Uniroyal’s Soccer Ball-A-Day Giveaway gives participants a chance to win a Uniroyal soccer ball every day in 2010. More More

Smart Ways To Save Money During Any Holiday Season
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (April 19, 2010) – Most people love holidays, but don’t love the cost associated with celebrating them. Kim Danger, savings expert, mother of two and author of “Instant Bargains,” is collaborating with Uniroyal® Tire to share her latest e-book tips on inexpensive ways to make these celebrations memorable and less pricey. Filled with insider tips to make celebrations extra special, the e-book will be available to download free at MoreMileage.UniroyalTires.com. More More

Uniroyal® Tire Awards Thousands In Prizes To Sweepstakes Winner
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (April 13, 2010) – Entering Uniroyal® Tire’s Soccer Ball-A-Day Giveaway has paid off for one lucky soccer family. Melissa Broome and her family will start the soccer season off in style thanks to Uniroyal Tire. This lucky family from Tecumseh, Nebraska is the recipient of the Soccer Season Survival Grand Prize package More More

Budget Entertaining: High Fun, Low-Cost
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (Nov. 18, 2009) – For most Americans, 2009 has been a year for tightening the budget-belt. Finding creative ways to enjoy your free time or even discovering new strategies for saving on family activities is more important than ever. Kim Danger, money-savings expert and mother of two, wants people to know with a little creativity, families can add entertaining, dining and family activities back on the calendar! Danger is teaming with Uniroyal® Tire to share her latest e-book tips, available at http://MoreMileage.UniroyalTires.com, on inexpensive ways to share family fun and savvy entertaining tips. More More

Uniroyal® Tire Is Keeping Gas Tanks Full
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (Sept. 23, 2009) – Uniroyal® Tire has given away $900 so far this year to lucky winners of the Uniroyal More Mileage Free Gas Giveaway. Monthly winners receive a $100 Visa® gift card to help fill up their gas tanks. The giveaway is an extension of Uniroyal’s efforts to help consumers save and will continue through the end of the year. The winners are picked randomly and anyone may enter at UniroyalTires.com/freegasgiveaway for a chance to win. More More

Beat the Back-To-School Budget Blues
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (Aug. 4, 2009) – Preparing a child for a new school year may be time consuming, costly and hectic. Kim Danger, founder of MommySavers.com and mother of two, and Uniroyal® Tire make the back-to-school transition smooth and cost-efficient with a new, free e-book titled "Back to School on a Budget." More More

Put a Family Road Trip on the Map
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (July 31, 09) – Now more than ever, the key to a perfect travel experience is to be able to enjoy it on a small budget. When compared to flying your whole family to a vacation destination, driving is a more attractive option. This year is a great time to turn your vacation into a road trip. Uniroyal® Tire and ASE-certified mechanic, Ricardo Rodriguez-Long want to help you organize an unforgettable trip with your family. More More

Look and Feel Like a Million Bucks on a Budget
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (May 20, 09) – With only 24 hours in a day, balancing a career, housework, social life and parenting can all be overwhelming tasks. Kimberly Danger, money-savings expert, wife and mother of two, wants people to know especially during the current economy, taking “me time” is important. Danger has teamed up with Uniroyal® Tire to share her latest e-book tips on how to pamper yourself for less as part of the “More Mileage for Your Money” campaign. The free e-book on how to look and feel great for less is available at www.UniroyalTires.com/moremileageforyourmoney. More More

Uniroyal® Announces New Cub in Tiger Paw Line
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (May 15, 09) – For vehicles from small compacts to minivans — and just about everything in between — the Uniroyal® Tiger Paw AS65 will provide exceptional handling in both wet and dry conditions, and it is backed by a 65,000 mile manufacturer's tread wear warranty. More More

Get More Miles for Less: Automotive Expert’s Advice to Keep Cars Running Like New
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (May 01, 09) - According to the U.S. Census data, over the past five years, the number of vehicles acquired by Hispanics has grown from 540,000 to 860,000.1 As an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)-certified mechanic, Ricardo Rodriguez-Long knows car maintenance and has partnered with Uniroyal® Tire to help make sure every dollar spent on one’s car is well spent. More More

Uniroyal® Tire Announces Winners of "Soccer to Go" Sweepstakes
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (Mar. 11, 09) – Thanks to the Uniroyal® Tire “Soccer to Go” sweepstakes, Ishmael and Madison Gonzales will never have to leave soccer on the field. The father-daughter team from Irving, Texas, won the Grand Prize package. Doug and his daughter Julie Heydrick won the first prize package. More More

Having Fun Doesn't Have to Break the Bank
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (Feb. 25, 09) – As economic uncertainty continues to prevail, Americans are looking for aggressive ways to cut costs and trim their household budgets. That’s why consumer advocate and money-savings expert, Kimberly Danger, is continuing to inform Americans about easy ways to keep money in their wallets and afford items they value. Partnered with Uniroyal® Tire, Danger will offer a year-long series of advice and e-books as a continuation of the “More Mileage for Your Money” campaign. The e-books and frugal tips are available for free at UniroyalTires.com/moremileageforyourmoney. More More

Kim Danger and Uniroyal® Team Up to Help You Handle Your Finances
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (Feb. 25, 09) – With the start of the new year, Uniroyal® Tire and Kim Danger want to make sure you have what you need in order to get the most out of 2009. Working together, the pair has released the first in their 2009 series of four free e-books to continue the “More Mileage for Your Money” campaign. “Smart Financing” walks readers through the steps of building an accurate budget, paying down debt, and financially preparing for retirement. You can download the e-book at www.UniroyalTires.com/moremileageforyourmoney. More More

Uniroyal® Tire Soccer Program to Give Away a Ball Every Day in 2009
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (February 3, 2009) – The Uniroyal® Tire Soccer Program will be commemorating its 10th anniversary of supporting youth soccer by giving away one soccer ball every day in 2009. And at the end of the year, a Grand Prize winner will be selected from the 365 daily winners to win Uniroyal Tire's year–end Soccer Season Survival grand prize. More More

Uniroyal® Tire Pumps out Free Gas for a Year
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (December 5, 2008) – During the Uniroyal® Tire Miles4Less Free Gas Giveaway, thirteen monthly winners will receive a $100 Visa® gift card to be used at the gas station of their choice. This will continue Uniroyal's effort to help consumers in these tight times. Anyone may enter, beginning now, at www.uniroyal.com by clicking on Free Gas Giveaway. More More

Halloween Tricks & Holiday Tips: New Uniroyal® Ebook Offers Innovative Ideas
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (October 10, 2008) – This year, our wallets are taking a hit wherever we go, especially at the gas pump. Cutting corners and costs is a way of life right now for many folks. The holidays won't wait for inflation to go down or paychecks to go up. The good news is that you don't need a lot of money to celebrate, just a little bit of creativity. Kim Danger, savings expert and mother of two, has teamed up with Uniroyal® to showcase her latest free eBook, "Halloween Tricks & Holiday Tips" featuring the best tips to make the holidays more fun with less stress. The easy to download eBook is online at www.Uniroyal.com/MoreMileageForYourMoney. More More

New Free Ebook Offers Food-related Savings Tips
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (August 6, 2008) – Given the meteoric rise of food prices, savings expert Kim Danger has teamed up with Uniroyal Tire to release a free eBook packed with food-related savings tips. Available for download at Uniroyal.com/moremileageforyourmoney, "Shopping and Cooking Efficiently" outlines ways to save both time and money between the grocery store and the kitchen. The Uniroyal website includes a series of 14 videos featuring Kim Danger that can also be found on the "Miles for Less Club" YouTube channel (Youtube/miles4lessclub). More More

New Consumer Education Effort Helps Families Save Money
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (July 11, 2008) – As gas and food prices continue to rise, more and more families are struggling just to make ends meet. To address these concerns, Uniroyal® Tire has partnered with consumer advocate and family-savings expert Kimberly Danger to help educate Americans on easy ways to keep more money in their wallets. Working together, the pair will offer a year-long series of advice, eBooks and instructional videos; all are available for free on Uniroyal.com. More More

Improved on - and off-road performance over predecessor, Laredo AWT
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (July 11, 2008) – Uniroyal introduces the new Laredo AWT II Tire. This high-quality tire offers outstanding on- and off-road performance and durability, all at the affordable Uniroyal price. This all-terrain tire has improved tread life and wet and dry handling compared to the original Laredo AWT because of the advanced polymer tread compound and stress-optimized contact patch. And like all Uniroyal products, DuraShield® construction is at the heart of this product. More More

Hit the Road for Less
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (May 29, 2008) – Summertime is just around the corner and, for many families, that means it's almost time to pack up the family car and head out for a little fun in the sun. But while millions of Americans prefer driving to their vacation destination, peak-season rates and soaring gas prices have many concerned about this year's travel budget. According to family-savings expert, Kimberly Danger, higher prices don't have to keep you from having an unforgettable summer vacation. With a little preparation and some creativity, you can plan an affordable trip the entire family will enjoy. More More

Family Savings Expert Kimberly Danger Offers 10 Tips for Getting Your Home and Finances in Order
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (January 7, 2008) – As the holiday season comes to an end, many Americans are enthusiastic and determined to emerge from the mess and stress of the holiday season to start the New Year off right. But just how do you get started? Uniroyal has found a way with the help of Kimberly Danger, founder of Mommysavers.com. As an expert in time management and simplifying your life, Danger suggests 10 easy steps for getting any household organized and running smoothly. More More

Kimberly Danger to Serve as Spokesperson for "More Mileage for Your Money" Campaign
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (January 7, 2008) – Uniroyal Tire announced today its partnership with consumer advocate and family savings expert Kimberly Danger [DANG'-er]. She will serve as spokesperson for the brand's "More Mileage for Your Money" campaign, which provides money saving advice to value-conscious consumers. More More

Uniroyal® Tire & Coupon Mom™ Stephanie Nelson Offer Easy Cost-Cutting Tips For the Holidays
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (October 5, 2007) – Whether you begin the holiday season after carving the turkey for a nice Thanksgiving meal or even earlier, the holidays often spark feelings of anxiety. With consumer debt and basic living costs on the rise, many families are wondering how they will buy gifts for everyone on their list. The average shopper spends $800 during the holiday season, leaving many families seeing “red” come New Year’s. More More

Uniroyal Tire conducts education campaign for Hispanic drivers
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (September 27, 2007) – Nearly one million accidents occur each year in wet weather in the United States. A major contributing factor, according to law enforcement officials, is that many drivers fail to adjust their driving habits to account for the slippery conditions.* More More

Uniroyal produces “historieta” as part of Hispanic outreach program
GREENVILLE, S.C – (July XX, 2007) – A cartoon superhero known as “Llanta Man” (Tire Man) has joined forces with Uniroyal to help educate Hispanic consumers about tire and automotive maintenance. More More

Uniroyal Tire Kicks Off Second “Win a Free Soccer Season Sweepstakes”
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (Aug. 01, 2007) – For the second year, Uniroyal Tire is sponsoring the “Win a Free Soccer Season Sweepstakes,” giving away a grand prize including a set of tires, gas cards, automotive services and free soccer registration to one lucky soccer family. The grand prize winner’s youth soccer league will also receive $1,000 for scholarships and equipment for the 2008 season. In addition, four monthly first prize winners will win $500 to help cover gas costs. More More

Uniroyal Tire & Coupon Mom™ Stephanie Nelson Offer Easy Cost-Cutting Tips
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (August 1, 2007) – August is here, and families across the country are taking advantage of tax-free holidays to get a head start on their back-to-school shopping. Soon the kids will be bringing home another “must have” list from each of their teachers -- markers, pens, paper, notebooks, calculators, and of course, that essential outfit of the season. With back-to-school purchases adding to existing gas, grocery and other nondiscretionary expenses, the family budget often feels a real pinch. More More

Uniroyal® Tiger Paw® AWP II Tire Provides Durability and Affordability
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (July 25, 2007) – Uniroyal is introducing the Tiger Paw® AWP II tire to provide the perfect combination of durability and affordability for value-conscious customers. More More

Uniroyal Launches Network Radio Campaign
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (June 11, 2007) – What occupies your thoughts while driving down the road? Chances are, your tires are not top of mind, but they can be if you happen across the latest network radio campaign launched in May by trusted tire brand, Uniroyal. More More

Uniroyal Tire and Coupon Mom™ Stephanie Nelson Offer Families Tips for Saving Money
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (May 24, 2007) – With Memorial Day upon us, many travelers are heading out this weekend for a little “R & R.” Very often, the family budget ends up determining the weekend plans. According to Uniroyal Tire and savings expert Stephanie Nelson, planning a fun and memorable vacation doesn’t have to break the bank. By following these15 easy travel tips, families can cut costs during every stage of their trip, no matter where the desired escape. More More

Uniroyal Tire is Driving Home Savings With Simple Automotive Tips
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (May 24, 2007) – As summer approaches many Latinos are planning to pack up their cars and hit the road for vacation. An estimated 657 million long-distance summer trips will be made between Memorial Day and Labor Day , and with gas prices now averaging more than $3 per gallon, more drivers are looking for ways to ease the pressure at the pump. More More

Uniroyal® Tire Offers Simple Tips to Address Gas Costs
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (May 15, 2007) – With gas prices climbing to record levels and the summer travel season kicking off, Uniroyal Tire has partnered with money saving expert and Coupon Mom™, Stephanie Nelson to offer advice to consumers on reducing their gas costs. By following just a few easy tips, the average two-car family can save up to $2,000 on their annual gas bill. More More

Uniroyal Expands Laredo® Cross Country Line
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (April 1, 2007) – Uniroyal is introducing four new sizes of its popular Laredo® Cross Country tire, bringing the total number of sizes to 31, which covers 90 percent of the fitments for today’s most popular SUVs and light trucks. More More

Uniroyal Tire Announces National Grand Prize Winner of Soccer Sweepstakes
COLUMBIA, S.C. – (Mar. 5, 2007) – For lucky Columbia resident Delores Saini and her four children Kali, India, Indira and Kira, this year’s soccer season will be a free ride. As the recently selected grand prize winner of Uniroyal Tire’s 2006 “Win a Free Soccer Season Sweepstakes,” Saini was awarded a free set of Uniroyal tires and free automotive services from local tire dealer Pope-Davis Tire & Alignment as well as other prizes to offset soccer expenses. In addition, her oldest daughter’s school soccer program recently received a $1,000 donation from Uniroyal. More More

Uniroyal Tire and “Coupon Mom™”, Stephanie Nelson, Offer Money-Saving Advice on Biggest “Budget Busters”
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (March 5, 2007) – As the cost of living continues to rise, Uniroyal Tire has teamed up with savings expert and “Coupon Mom™,” Stephanie Nelson to find ways to help families cut the extra fat from their budgets. As part of Uniroyal’s national “More Mileage for your Money” campaign, Uniroyal and Nelson are offering their top six tips to help consumers save up to $2,856 a year on their gas and grocery bills- - areas identified as two of the biggest nondiscretionary “budget busters” for American families. More More

Uniroyal Tire Announces National Grand Prize Winner of Soccer Sweepstakes
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (Mar. 5, 2007) – The Uniroyal “Win a Free Soccer Season” contest came to a close when a lucky Columbia, S.C. resident won the grand prize. For Delores Saini and her four children, this year’s soccer season will be a free ride. As the recently selected grand prize winner of Uniroyal Tire’s 2006 “Win a Free Soccer Season Sweepstakes,” Saini was awarded a free set of Uniroyal tires and free automotive services from local tire dealer Pope-Davis Tire & Alignment as well as other prizes to offset soccer expenses. In addition, her oldest daughter’s school soccer program recently received a $1,000 donation from Uniroyal. More More

Uniroyal Tire & Coupon Mom Stephanie Nelson Provide Holiday Shopping Secrets to Maximize Value
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (Nov. 15, 2006) – With the arrival of the holiday shopping season, Uniroyal Tire and “Coupon Mom” Stephanie Nelson are offering families holiday shopping strategies to help them save money and avoid debt while finding the perfect gift for loved ones. Nelson’s Uniroyal Tire-sponsored Web site, www.couponmom.com, offers consumers secrets to strategic bargain shopping during the holidays and lessons on how to adopt a value-seeking lifestyle for the New Year. More More

Uniroyal Tire Spokesperson Stephanie Nelson, The Coupon Mom, Offers Back-to-School Savings Tips
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (August 1, 2006) – The smell of a new textbook. A freshly sharpened No. 2 pencil. Desks neatly lined in a row. August is here and that means it’s time for back-to-school shopping. More More

Register To Win a Set of Tires, Gas and Automotive Services for the Soccer Season
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (July 5, 2006) – Soccer families put a lot of miles on their vehicles. And these days with gas prices so high, trips to and from the soccer field can mean big spending. For the grand prize winner of the “Uniroyal Tire Win a Free Soccer Season Sweepstakes,” however, next season will be a free ride. More More

Uniroyal Tire & Coupon Mom Stephanie Nelson Offer Best-Kept Money Savings Secrets
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (July 1, 2006) – Summertime is here. Kids are out of school. And gas prices remain at historically high levels as families plan their summer vacations. To help consumers combat high prices and stretch their budget, Uniroyal Tire has teamed up with Coupon Mom Stephanie Nelson to provide gas savings tips and some “best-kept secrets” for vacation travel. More More

Simple Tips Can Help Save Money on Gas This Summer & Up to $900 Annually
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (May 1, 2006) – With gas prices at an all-time high and the summer travel season kicking off, Uniroyal Tire has teamed up with money saving expert Stephanie Nelson to educate consumers on simple steps they can take to reduce their gas costs. By following a few simple steps, consumers can significantly reduce gas costs for their summer vacation and can save as much as $900 in annual gas costs per vehicle. More More

Uniroyal Tire and Dealers Give $1.4 Million to Youth Soccer in 2005
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (February 22, 2006) – Uniroyal Tire and its dealers gave more than $1.4 million in funds and equipment in 2005 to support local youth soccer programs nationwide, it was announced today. Since the program's inception in 1997, the brand and its dealers have given more than $9 million in soccer equipment and funds. More More

Uniroyal Tire And Tire Kingdom Announce Fourth Straight Copa Latina Sponsorship
MIAMI, FL – (February 17, 2006) – Uniroyal Tire and Tire Kingdom announced today that they will continue their major sponsorship of the Copa Latina in 2006, the fourth straight year of their involvement. As part of the sponsorship, the two tire companies will participate in the opening ceremonies, as well as host half-time contests throughout the tournament. More More

Uniroyal Tire Survey Finds Increased Attention To Tire Air Pressure
GREENVILLE, S.C. – (September 15, 2005) – With gas prices at an all-time high, many Americans are making a conscious effort to maintain correct tire air pressure and thus contribute to their vehicle's fuel efficiency, a trend revealed by data from a recent survey by Uniroyal Tire. More More

Uniroyal Tire Rolls Out New Tiger Paw® Touring Sizes and Enhanced Warranties
Greenville, S.C. – (August 29, 2005) – Uniroyal Tire is introducing 23 new sizes and enhanced warranties in its Tiger Paw® Touring tire, a comprehensive product line for sedans and mini-vans that delivers outstanding wear and handling at an affordable price. The additional sizes, including new V speed-rated tires, will be available to consumers through Uniroyal Tire dealers in September 2005. More More

Uniroyal® Tire Readys Drivers For Late Summer Travel
Greenville, S.C. – (Aug 3, 2005) – With the summer holidays coming to a close, many travelers are enthusiastically preparing for a final summer road trip -- but are their vehicles equally as ready? Following a few simple steps can help ensure vehicle safety, help maximize gas mileage and save valuable travel time. More More

Uniroyal® Think about Utility before you buy SUV tires
Greenville, S.C. – (June 6, 2005) – In terms of use, today's sport utility vehicles are the modern equivalent of yesterday's family station wagons. Because the vast majority of SUVs in the U.S. are used primarily for ferrying kids to soccer, making the weekly run to the grocery store and taking on many of life's other everyday adventures, they should be outfitted with an appropriate set of highway-centric tires. This means the aggressive tread patterns of all-terrain tires consumers often see in off-road use on television are probably not the best fit for their SUV. More More

Uniroyal® Tire to Hold Inaugural Julie Foudy Sweepstakes Clinic near Nederland, Texas
Nederland, Texas – (May 10, 2005) – Brandy Kieschnick of Nederland, Texas, and her two daughters, Stormy and Tatum, are gearing up for the opportunity of a lifetime. As Grand Prize winners of the 2004 Uniroyal Tire Julie Foudy Clinic Sweepstakes, they will soon have the chance to spend a day with one of professional soccer's most decorated veterans, Julie Foudy. More More

Uniroyal® Tire Rolls Out New Laredo® Cross Country Tire Sizes
Greenville, S.C. – (April 30, 2005) – An affordable, reliable tire exists for SUV and light truck owners - in 13 new sizes. The popular Laredo® Cross Country tire offers outstanding wear and handling at an affordable price, and it's backed by a manufacturer's 60,000-mile treadwear limited warranty. More More

Uniroyal® Tire Launches Second Youth Soccer Sweepstakes
Greenville, S.C. – (March 3, 2005) – It is every child's dream to learn a sport from the stars they admire most. Uniroyal Tire is again presenting today's youth with that opportunity through the second annual "Uniroyal Tire Julie Foudy Clinic Sweepstakes." More More

Uniroyal® Tire Classic Set To Strike In Wickliff, OH
Cleveland, OH –(November 3, 2004) – The PBA Uniroyal® Tire Classic is set to strike in Cleveland, Ohio Nov. 10-14 at Freeway Lanes of Wickliffe. This is the second consecutive season that Uniroyal® Tire has teamed with the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) as the title sponsor of this nationally televised tournament. More More

Uniroyal® Tire and Julie Foudy Bring Home The Gold For Youth Soccer
Greenville, S.C. – (August 27, 2004) – Julie Foudy, captain of the 2004 Women's Gold Medal Winning Team, is returning from Athens with more than first-place honors. As a result of Foudy's outstanding play in Greece, Uniroyal® Tire is donating $503,000 in equipment for youth soccer leagues around the country. More More

Uniroyal® Tire And Julie Foudy Raise Money For Youth Soccer
Greenville, S.C. – (August 11, 2004) – Julie Foudy, captain of the 2004 U.S. Women's National Soccer Team, is going to spend her last national team appearance playing for more than just a gold medal. Foudy and Uniroyal® Tire are teaming up to raise money for youth soccer based on her performance this summer in Athens. More More

Uniroyal® Tire Launches Youth Soccer Sweepstakes
Greenville, S.C. – (July 13, 2004) – How often do today's youth soccer players have the chance to learn from one of the world's top professionals? Tomorrow's future Olympians will now have a chance to attend a free soccer clinic with U.S.A. Team Captain Julie Foudy through the "Uniroyal® Tire Julie Foudy Clinic Sweepstakes." More More

Uniroyal® Tire Urges Year 'Round Tire Care
Greenville, S.C. –(April 22, 2004) – Next week is National Tire Safety Week (April 25 to May 1), and Uniroyal® Tire urges drivers not to wait for a special time of year to think about the safety of their tires. More More

Uniroyal® Tire and the City of Miami Expand Youth Soccer Program
Miami, F.L. –(April 14, 2004) – Uniroyal® Tire and the City of Miami have announced that the Uniroyal Youth Soccer of Miami Program will be expanded to include a spring season following a successful inaugural season last fall. More More

La Ciudad de Miami y Llantas Uniroyal® Expanden El Programa Juvenil de Fútbol-Soccer
Miami, F.L. –(April 14, 2004) – La Ciudad de Miami y Llantas Uniroyal® han anunciado que el Programa de Soccer Juvenil Uniroyal será expandido para incluir una temporada de primavera después de una temporada inaugural exitosa el pasado otoño. More More

Uniroyal Hispanic Campaign Earns Prestigious EFFIE Award for Marketing Effectiveness
Greenville, S.C. –(April 7, 2004) – A marketing campaign that dramatically increased sales of Uniroyal Tire in South Florida's Hispanic community has earned an EFFIE award, the nation's premier award for success in advertising. More More

Uniroyal® Launches Tiger Paw® Touring Line; Updated Line Combines Excellent Durability With Performance
Greenville, S.C. –(April 1, 2004) – Uniroyal® Tire is introducing the Tiger Paw® Touring line of tires, which provides excellent tread life without compromising wet performance. More More

Uniroyal® Tire at Copa Latina
(March 11, 2004) – Last month Uniroyal was involved in one of the nation's most exciting and unique soccer tournaments — Copa Latina. More More

Inaugural PBA Uniroyal® Tire Classic Rolls into Indy; Uniroyal Makes Debut as PBA Tournament Sponsor
Indianapolis, IN –(March 4, 2004) – PBA Uniroyal® Tire Classic is making its debut in Indianapolis, Ind. More More

Uniroyal® Official Tire of the PBA Tour
Greenville, SC –(March 1, 2004) – Uniroyal® giant inflatable tire on the road with PBA Tour. More More

Uniroyal® Dealer Soccer Program Nets $1.25 Million for Youth Soccer
Greenville, S.C. –(February 13, 2004) – Uniroyal® Tire and its dealers provided free equipment and raised funds for soccer leagues in more than 750 communities across America this fall, resulting in a total donation exceeding $1.25 million. More More

Uniroyal® Tire, US Youth Soccer Honor Exceptional Volunteers
GREENVILLE, SC – (November 18, 2003) – Uniroyal® Tire and US Youth Soccer recently announced the recipients of the second annual Uniroyal Tire TOPSoccer Buddy of the Year award to five young athletes who dedicate their time volunteering to help children with disabilities get off the sidelines and into the game. More More

Uniroyal® Tire Becomes Official Tire of the PBA Tour
SEATTLE, WA & GREENVILLE, SC – (November 11, 2003) – The Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) has signed a two-year exclusive deal with Uniroyal® Tire for sponsorship of the PBA Tour. Uniroyal will be the "Official Tire of the PBA Tour." More More

Uniroyal® Tire and Julie Foudy Donate $286,000 to Youth Soccer
Greenville, SC –(October 30, 2003) – Uniroyal® Tire announced today a donation of $286,000 in equipment to youth soccer leagues around the country as a result of Julie Foudy's play in the 2003 World Cup. Foudy, captain of the U.S. Women's National Team, was on-hand today at a Michelin corporate gathering to participate in the check presentation. More More

Uniroyal® Tire And City Of Miami Announce Unique Soccer Program
MIAMI, FL – (September 29, 2003) – Uniroyal® Tire and the City of Miami today announced the formation of a new youth soccer program at seven Miami city parks. The program, which will begin on October 4 and run through November, is expected to give more than 550 inner city youth seven to 16 years of age the opportunity to play organized soccer. More More

Uniroyal® Introduces Laredo® Cross Country Tire for SUVs
Greenville, SC – (September 3, 2003) – Uniroyal® is introducing the Laredo® Cross Country, a comprehensive product line for SUVs and light trucks that delivers outstanding wear and handling at an affordable price. More More

Uniroyal® To Donate Equipment To Youth Soccer Through Julie Foudy's World Cup Participation
Greenville, SC – (August 27, 2003) – Uniroyal® Tire and Julie Foudy, captain of the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team, are teaming up to raise money for youth soccer. For every minute Foudy plays in the 2003 World Cup, Uniroyal Tire will donate $500 in soccer equipment and will donate $50,000 in equipment for every goal Foudy scores. More More

Uniroyal® Invests in Detroit's Future by Renovating the Giant Tire Landmark
Greenville, SC –(August 11, 2003) – For nearly 40 years, visitors and locals driving into Detroit from Metro Airport have been welcomed by one of Motor City's most recognized symbols: the 80-foot-tall Uniroyal® tire. Uniroyal announced today that it is investing close to $1 million to renovate the Giant Tire as its contribution to Detroit's I-94 corridor revitalization effort. More More

Uniroyal® Tire Prepares Drivers for Summer Travel
Greenville, SC – (July 2, 2003) – This summer, many travelers will be hitting the road in the family car for vacation. Uniroyal® Tire offers the following safety tips to help you get ready for your trip. More More

Uniroyal® Tire Continues Partnership with Soccer Star Julie Foudy
Greenville, SC –(June 3, 2003) – Uniroyal Tire has re-signed soccer sensation Julie Foudy, captain and 15-year veteran of the United States' Women's National team, as national spokesperson for the company's youth soccer initiatives. More More

Uniroyal® and US Youth Soccer Honor TOPSoccer Volunteers
Greenville, SC –(May 28, 2003) – In recognition of the valuable role that volunteer "buddies" play in US Youth Soccer's TOPSoccer, Uniroyal brand is pleased to announce the second annual Uniroyal® Tire TOPSoccer "Buddy of the Year" Award program. More More

620 lb. Uniroyal Tire Takes to the Skies of American Cities
Greenville, SC – (May 14, 2003) – Cities across America will soon get a glimpse of one of the world's largest tires. Scheduled to inflate and rotate along America's sunny skies beginning on May 12, the 110-foot-tall, 620-lb. hot air balloon is a replica of the Uniroyal® passenger tire. Over a 12-week period, the balloon will make appearances at various events in St. Louis, Greenville, Atlanta, Pittsburgh and Detroit. More More

Ease of Use is Hallmark of New Uniroyal® Website
Greenville, SC – (March 28, 2003) – When Uniroyal® began designing its new website, the primary goal was simple – to help consumers quickly and easily determine the right tires for their vehicle and where to find them. More More

Uniroyal Soccer Program Tops $3.5 Million in Donations
Greenville, SC – (March 4, 2003) – Uniroyal Tire is entering its sixth season this spring as a major sponsor of youth soccer, and the impact of its support keeps growing – with 225,000 free soccer balls given to families and a total $3.5 million in funds and equipment donated to leagues and US Youth Soccer. More More

Uniroyal & US Youth Soccer Reward Exceptional Volunteers
Greenville, SC – (November 19, 2002) – Uniroyal® Tire and US Youth Soccer recently announced the recipients of the new Uniroyal Tire TOPSoccer Buddy of the Year award to five young athletes who dedicate their time volunteering for US Youth Soccer's TOPSoccer Program. More More

Uniroyal Soccer Program Tops $2.5 Million in Donations
Greenville, SC – (June 14, 2002) – Just three years after launching its comprehensive support program for youth soccer, Uniroyal Tire reached an important milestone this year – more than $2.5 million in funds and equipment donated to local leagues and the US Youth Soccer organization. More More