Six Easy Tips Can Add Up To Over $2,800 In Annual Savings On Gas & Groceries

Uniroyal Tire and “Coupon Mom™”, Stephanie Nelson, Offer Money-Saving Advice on Biggest “Budget Busters”

GREENVILLE, S.C. – (March 5, 2007) – As the cost of living continues to rise, Uniroyal Tire has teamed up with savings expert and “Coupon Mom™,” Stephanie Nelson to find ways to help families cut the extra fat from their budgets. As part of Uniroyal’s national “More Mileage for your Money” campaign, Uniroyal and Nelson are offering their top six tips to help consumers save up to $2,856 a year on their gas and grocery bills- - areas identified as two of the biggest nondiscretionary “budget busters” for American families.

“I’m so excited to be in my second year of partnership with Uniroyal Tire and to be sharing these money-saving tips on groceries and other key areas,” said Nelson. “With grocery costs continuing to rise, I want people to know that you don’t have to pay a fortune to eat well. If you’re able to save money on the things you must pay for— like gas and groceries—you’ve got a lot left over for the extras that make life fun, whether that’s dinner out or a family vacation.”

In its inaugural year, Nelson and the “More Mileage for your Money” campaign reached over 16 million individuals nationwide. To help reach even more families this year, Uniroyal is sponsoring Nelson’s free Web site,, which offers a multitude of easy tips for cutting costs in the home. Working together, Nelson and Uniroyal have narrowed down their research into the following top six tips for maximum yearly savings on gas and groceries.

Uniroyal offers these gas savings tips that could add up to $750 in annual fuel savings:
  1. Check the inflation pressure of your tires. Most Americans are driving around on under-inflated tires. You need to check your tire inflation pressure “cold” (at least three hours after the vehicle has been stopped and before it has been driven one mile) and adjust accordingly. It is best to inflate your tires in the morning before the day's heat. The proper inflation pressure can be found in the vehicle owner’s manual or on the placard usually on the doorjamb. The pressure indicated on the tire sidewall is the maximum pressure allowed, not what is recommended for your vehicle. This simple step can save up to 6 cents per gallon. “Making sure tires are properly inflated is one of the easiest and most important maintenance procedures drivers can do,” says Kaz Holley, Uniroyal brand director. “Properly inflated tires not only contribute to greater fuel efficiency, but also last longer and perform better.”
  2. Another big factor is proper wheel alignment. Making sure your vehicle is properly aligned can save as much as 11 cents per gallon. Your local Uniroyal dealer can assess your vehicle’s wheel alignment.
  3. Replacing clogged air filters is a biggie! A clean filter versus one that is severely clogged can mean savings as much as 22 cents per gallon. Air filters also keep impurities in the air from damaging internal engine components.

With your car running in cost-saving mode, now it’s time to cut your grocery bill. According to the USDA, even a thrifty American household of four spends up to $6,319 a year on food at home. By implementing Nelson’s value shopping program, families can cut their grocery bills by one third or more in less than 30 minutes each week- for a yearly savings of $2,106! “These are real savings that have been achieved by families that follow my system on a regular basis," Nelson said. Nelson recommends starting with these top three simple steps (additional tips and information available at
  1. Get the lowest prices every time – A grocery product’s pricing will fluctuate over the course of several weeks. For example, one week, a box of cereal will cost $4 and a week later it’s on sale for $2. Familiarize yourself with the pricing of the common items on your grocery list by starting a price book. Track the prices over several weeks, and you will soon discover the lowest price points of your most-used items. Finally, commit yourself to stock up on these products only when the product is at its lowest price point. You’ll slash your grocery bill quickly when using this stocking-up strategy.
  2. Take advantage of your grocery store’s savings programs – Grocery stores offer a variety of promotional programs to get a shopper’s attention, and the most effective value shoppers know the fine details of these programs. For instance, bonus coupon programs often double or triple the value of manufacturers’ coupons up to a certain amount. Ask your store’s customer service personnel simple questions such as: Do you double or triple coupons? When you have buy-one, get-one free offers, do you charge half price for each item or do you charge full price for the first item and zero for the second item? If the store charges half price for each item, you will be able to use two coupons on each buy-one, get-one free item and save even more!
  3. Use the Coupon Mom System to organize coupons – Ninety-nine percent of grocery coupons are thrown away each year because the average consumer lacks an effective way to organize them. Nelson offers a free, online coupon database at her Web site, Her unique database displays the name and description of the coupon item, its value and the expiration date, thus eliminating the need to cut out and organize every grocery coupon printed in the newspaper. In addition, shoppers can build their grocery lists from the online organizer, displaying the total cost of the product after factoring in the coupon and any applicable sales promotions at their local grocery stores.

Uniroyal and Nelson will offer additional money-saving advice throughout the year as part of the Uniroyal “More Mileage for your Money” campaign. “This campaign is a logical extension of Uniroyal’s mission to provide good quality, affordable tires to American drivers,” said Holley. During the “More Mileage for your Money” campaign, Nelson will travel across the country to educate consumers on easy ways they can save money throughout every season of the year. Tips and advice can be also found year round on Nelson’s Web site,

Nelson specializes in helping consumers become savvier about finding everyday bargains and value. She knows all the tricks of the trade when it comes to maximizing value and slashing spending in many areas, including automotive, travel, clothing, restaurants, groceries, gifts, theme parks, gardening and entertainment. She is a regular on-air contributor to ABC News’ Good Morning America, and a bi-weekly columnist for

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Sources: U.S. Department of Energy, Federal Trade Commission, N.C. Department of Commerce, Car Care Council,,, Boston Consulting Group. Estimates based on an average of 2 cars per family; using the 2006 Toyota Camry with 18.5 gallon gas tank and gas mileage 24 city/33 highway. Savings based on average cost of unleaded gasoline $2.16 per gallon (2/2/07) and 15,000 miles driven annually. Total food expenditure estimates from USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (CNPP) December 2006.

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